Corporate Sponsorship

During the 2018-19 school year, JEF was sponsored by these corporate partners:
Luv2Knit & More
Richard Zeises Insurance Agency
Shubert Goodman & Huttner, LLP, CPA
Goodman Properties
We offer thanks to these upstanding business community members who made JEF’s support of the Harlem Wizards event possible.
For the 2019-20 school year, we are offering new options for corporate sponsorship that will be promoted at four major JSD events: The Jog-A-Thon, Bingo Night, Red & Blue Fair and Color Day:

Red/Blue Sponsor (1 year):             $200

Purple Sponsor      (1 year):            $400

Purple Sponsor        (3 yrs):            $1,000

  • The Jog-A-Thon, in which every elementary student runs for half an hour sponsored by friends and family, raises funds for the Home and School Association every fall.

           Promotion at this event reaches all elementary school students as well                as the many parent volunteers who assist with and watch this annual                event.  


  • Bingo Night, which is a much anticipated family fun night every February to help raise funds for the Home and School Association.


  • The Red and Blue Fair & Color Day take place every May.  The Red and Blue Fair is a long-standing annual event which is truly a community day, drawing crowds from Jenkintown and neighboring towns.  Color Day, our famous field day for every student in the District, is well-attended by parents as well as many community members who are alumni or supporters of the school.  JSD’s Color Day tradition is so strong it has even attracted the attention of a documentary film-maker, who covered the event this year.

Red/Blue Sponsors will be advertised at these events and Purple sponsors will receive additional recognition on JEF’s website and Facebook page.  Purple Sponsors’ electronic advertisements can include links to their own digital presence on Facebook or the internet.

Businesses or even individuals interested in sponsoring JEF for the 2019-20 year can do so via at (be sure to include an email or note when you donate that includes the name you would like included on promotional materials and some contact information), or you can contact one of our Sponsorship Co-Coordinators, Dana Munson or Lori Sullivan, at